It didn’t take long for Demizes to find his passion for entertaining, beginning to perform at the age of six, he has been pedal to the medal ever since. Over the years he has shown his pure dedication to music and it’s paid off, opening for artists like Christina Aguilera and also premiering on series such as American Idol.  

His music is recommended if you enjoy the work of Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo or Lady Gaga. Most of the greatest artists strive to create their music in a way that their sound can never be duplicated or mistaken for someone else’s. Demizes does this technique ideally, giving all of his music something authentic and unique, leaving behind his signature sound to never be taken from him. His love for music shines through with everything he does. The aroma within his voice is never short of outstanding, yet he goes beyond his vocals and continues to entertain with his dancing talents that are among the best. His warm, fun, yet sexy style is what makes Demizes appeal to all listeners.